A man wakes with no memory, just a fake ID and instructions. He follows along and sets off a chain of events that spiral out of control.

Will doesn’t know who he is. After he performs an assassination he has a choice to make: take the money and run or dig deeper and try to understand what is going on.

Will can’t walk away, so to continue his investigation he must keep working for Markus, the man who ordered the assassination. His mission is to collect a series of mysterious artifacts that are rumoured to contain the secret to life itself. His only potential ally is Alexis, the daughter of the man he killed. She’s the only one with the skills and knowledge to help Will. That’s if she doesn’t kill him first.

Can Will stay one step ahead of Markus, and discover the secret of the artifacts and the truth to his identity? Or will he be disposed of and never know?

The message that Will seeks is hidden within the narrative. Can you solve the riddle and uncover the secret of Idle Thoughts?

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