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100k and beyond

The word count on Soul of Light just passed 104,000. This warrants further explanation:

Good news: This is my longest book ever written. I have surpassed my goal of 100,000 words for this book
Bad news: The book isn’t finished yet.

Good news: I’m on a roll and really powering through the story. It’s definitely shaping up to be what I want the story to be.
Bad news: I think I’ll probably need to hit 120k+ words to finish the book. This means my percentage complete has gone down, even though I’ve been writing steadily.

Good news: I’m pretty confident that I can still release this year as per the plan.
Bad news: Actually, no, I decided to finish on good news.

Overall, the book has been progressing well. To get over the line I’ve instituted a writing every day policy, even if only for five minutes. There have been opportunities to trim the story back, or not show certain sections. And while I certainly haven’t expanded everything, I have made the effort to show things that I hadn’t necessarily put in the outline but were important once I was at the business end of the story.

One learning from one of my previous books, The Secret Patient, is not to rush the ending. When I reached the end of that book I was so excited to be finally there, that I did rush the reveal a little bit. I could have cooled my heels and let the big revelations draw out properly. In hindsight I think I did too much too quickly, which didn’t maximise the payoff for the reader. It was still good, but I could have hit harder with it.

This time I’m not fabricating extra work, but I’m not shying away from it either. I’m really close now, and it’s really exciting. I can’t wait to share the epic conclusion with everyone.

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