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2019 In Review

2019 was definitely the year of The Hidden Wizard. The series was finally complete, and I found a whole lot of new readers. Here’s a few highlights from the year.

The Box Set to Rule Them All

The Hidden Wizard: The Complete Series was a hit with readers. Not only did people love to read through the whole story in a single volume, but its popularity eclipsed the individual books in the series. Of all the revenue of the entire series (since March 2017), the box set (which launched in May 2019) has accounted for 68%. That’s a huge thing. The popularity of the box set also brought more welcome attention to the series, from other players.

Audiobooks – The next frontier

The Hidden Wizard box set also provided the income and attention I needed to finally tackle the world of audiobooks. It caught the eye of the masterful narrator Ulf Bjorklund (who has been brilliant in bringing the series to life in audio) and also captured the interest of a highly prestigious audiobook publisher. As I had already begun production with Ulf the timing was not right, but stay tuned there may be announcements about future projects.

Pool of Knowledge, Vault of Silence, and Spark of Truth have all been completed in audio and Ulf is halfway through recording Soul of Light. I’ll be doing a separate audio announcement to provide links and some giveaway codes, but for any who are keen to look now chances are the first two books are already available on your platform of choice, or at your local library. I’m so excited to be doing them, and it’s been a real pleasure to listen to Ulf’s performance.

Tales of the Wandering Blacksmith – Finally Complete

Originally envisioned as a nice side project to publish alongside the series, sadly the short stories following Vincent’s story were quickly sidelined so I could focus my attention on finishing the core books. But readers everywhere wanted more Hidden Wizard and loved following Vincent’s story, so I re-opened my scrivener file and set to finishing the tales. All thirteen are complete and total around 48,000 words. That’s a whole other book to publish!

The next two stories will be published for free on my site as per the rest, the last one I’ll be reserving for the full book release. It’s with the editor now and I’ll have the cover done next week, so expect a pre-order link soon.

The Forbidden Spell – My First Bonus Story

The series ends on a good note, but I immediately thought ‘maybe readers want a bit more?‘ With that in mind I crafted a bonus story set after the events of the series, one that’s available only to readers who subscribe to my newsletter. It has been a success, and I’ve received some good feedback. I will try this formula again, in a slightly different way, for future books and series.

I don’t email you all enough (oops) but I do intend on writing more regularly, and especially letting everyone know about my next series as it comes to life.

2020 – Time for my Next Series

Well, it’s finally time. My slate is clear, and all the loose ends in The Hidden Wizard are tied up. My focus is now on my next series, and I’m deep into the outlining for the first book. The concept and pitch have been tested on a few people, and they can’t wait to read it. Hopefully you’ll have the same reaction too.

When it’s a bit more fully formed I can start to talk about it here. That’s it for now. Thanks for an amazing 2019, let’s see what we can do in 2020!

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