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2020 In Review

By January 20, 2021General Updates

It’s a new year, and rather than focus on all the difficulties of last year, I thought instead I’d review the wins instead.

The Wandering Blacksmith

This was a project I started way back in 2017, as additional stories to read alongside The Hidden Wizard. I received a lot of amazing feedback on them, but they had to take a back seat so I could devote my attention to finalising the series.

I enjoyed writing the last few stories and releasing them all as a complete tale, and the book turned out to be an excellent way to follow up the main series, providing some additional backstory to Vincent.


I started this process back in 2019, but 2020 saw the completion and release of all four Audiobooks in the Hidden Wizard series. There were definitely a few roadblocks getting the titles over to Audible, but Ulf’s fantastic narration was enjoyed by many and I had a successful promotion in October to get the audiobooks out to a wider audience.

I’ve learned a lot about audiobooks, and I’ll be looking at more opportunities to do them with future releases.

The BloodStorm

This new series has been in the works for a while, the original concept going back a few years. But it lacked a name, and I had not written a word. In 2020 I wrote, edited and finalised the first book, and wrote about 40% of the second book. I also managed to engage the services of a fantastic cover designer, who has already completed the first two covers. Expect to see some announcements concerning this very soon!

The Secret Patient Screenplay

It’s long been a goal for me to write a screenplay, and finally last year I completed that goal. I adapted one of my earlier books, The Secret Patient, into a screenplay for a feature movie.

This was a very interesting exercise to go through, as I had to completely re-digest the story and interpret it for the screen. This taught me more valuable lessons about story, and now I have the confidence to tackle original screenplays. I believe that going forward, some of my story ideas may be better suited to the screen, rather than books.

There’s no concrete plans yet to make a movie based on The Secret Patient, but now that there’s a screenplay that I can pitch it’s a little bit closer. No news to share now, but maybe something in the future.

2021 and Beyond

This is the year of The BloodStorm. My plan is release at least the first 3 books, hopefully more. This should give the series some serious momentum, and also help cement the story with readers. With the series being a planned 7 books, I don’t want to keep everyone hanging for too long.

If there’s other projects or stories you want to read, let me know.

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