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83,807 words and counting

The number up there is the current word count for my latest book: Spark of Truth. My word target for the book was 80,000 so I’m pretty happy with that. I have reached the climax of the story and I still have 2.5 chapters and an epilogue left to write. Which is longer than even my adjusted estimate, and that means more book for everyone.

But, it also means I’m not quite finished. After my last post I lost two weeks of writing time to the tail end of the winter viruses which was quite frustrating. But I took the time to make sure everyone got better, and now I’m back on track.

So to recap: the book is almost there and hopefully I can get it to my editor within a week. It won’t be out in September, but definitely in October. I can’t wait for everyone to read it, I think it’s pretty special.

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