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An exciting announcement

It’s been a while coming, but I have finally expanded to an area of publishing that I have been looking at for so long. I am proud to announce that The Hidden Wizard series is finally coming to audio!

I have partnered with the extremely talented narrator, Ulf Bjorklund, to bring the series to life with his rich and engaging voice that you can listen to for hours. His unique gift is bringing the story to life in an entirely new way.

He has already completed the first book, Pool of Knowledge, and we are going through a very minor few edits before publishing. As soon as I have a firm release date I’ll let you know. And for all you dedicated audio fans out there, we won’t leave you hanging – Ulf is ready to start on book two, Vault of Silence.

This is such a big moment, as I’ve long wanted to get into audiobooks but the timing as never right. Now I can finally get The Hidden Wizard to those folks who only listen to audio, and fans who want a new perspective on the story can enjoy it another way.

That’s it for now, but there are more fun updates on the way soon.

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