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Approaching 50% on Spark of Truth

By August 2, 2017The Hidden Wizard

As the title of this post suggests, I have been steadily plugging away at Spark of Truth. Like the other stories in the series, I have done some outlining to ensure that I get the right story elements in place and don’t miss anything out. But like the other stories I have been discovering things I didn’t know, or hadn’t thought about until now. That’s the magic of writing and it never fails to surprise me.

It hasn’t been big long writing sessions either. It’s been a lot more consistency, and adding up smaller amounts. What a pleasure it is to see this coming together in a timely fashion, even though I’m not any less busy than usual. I think I have my readers to thank for that. I can’t keep you waiting too long!

I have set a target of 80,000 words for this book, which is about the same length as book 2. I have a feeling though that it might run a bit longer. Regardless, I have set myself a deadline of end of August to complete the first draft so that I have a month to finish the editing and publishing process. I’ll have to increase my pace to make it, but I think it’s still quite manageable.

I’ve added Spark of Truth to my list of books and to series page for The Hidden Wizard. It’s so exciting seeing that next chapter of the bigger story almost ready.

Thanks for reading, I’ll check in later in the month to give another update. In the meantime you can regularly see updated word counts in the footer of my site.


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