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Artwork and another instalment in Tales of the Wandering Blacksmith

By June 27, 2019October 24th, 2019General Updates

I just finished a quick edit on Weaponsmith, Story 6 in Tales of the Wandering Blacksmith. It will be live on Friday.

Vincent’s mettle is tested by a pair of weaponsmiths. How will he fare?

If you’ve yet to jump into Tales of the Wandering Blacksmith (a set of stories set before the events of The Hidden Wizard), then there’s already five stories waiting for you. Start with Pillars of Light.

New Artwork

I recently commissioned some new art for my latest book (the collection of all the free stories I’m releasing), but before I show that I thought it would be nice to post the artwork that’s on the cover of The Hidden Wizard Collection (and will also be featured on the special edition hardcover I am working on)

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