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By September 17, 2020General Updates, The BloodStorm

After not posting a lot, this title seems appropriate. But it’s also the title of my next book. I’m excited to finally announce it below:

Awakened: Book 1 of The BloodStorm Series

The project formerly known as Bloodlines is finally getting into shape. I’m really happy with the changes and additions made to book 1, and I’m just about ready to get into the next stage of editing and finalising the book. This means I can soon refocus my attention on book 2 and the rest of the series.

Release Plans for The BloodStorm

I’m expecting a 2021 release for this series, ideally launching the first 3 books close together. We’ll see how the writing goes and how impatient I get. For now, I’m posting a bit of a teaser. It’s the first 1,000 words of the book as it stands today. Have a read, and let me know what you think!

Maya jerked awake, panic filling her. Everything was black. She felt like she was floating.
Am I dead?
Fragments of memories filtered back. The ritual, the betrayal. Her foolishness.
Maybe it’s for the best. I screwed over the entire world.
Sensing some tightness, she stretched out one leg, and it hit something.
What’s this?
After more wiggling around she figured out that she was enclosed within a box. The air wasn’t fresh, but it was being resupplied somehow.
If I’m not dead, I need to get out of here.
Maya tested the surrounding surfaces, pressing them with her limbs. Her arms and legs were stiff and slow to respond. But they moved with some effort. The more she worked, the easier it became.
I’m in some rectangular container. Maybe there’s a lid?
Maya pushed up above her chest, feeling a bit of give in whatever was holding her in. She threw all her weight into it, and the top opened. But the whole structure itself shifted, and she plunged out onto the icy concrete floor, perfectly naked and lying face down.
Not an elegant start, but at least I’m free of that thing.
She angled her head somewhat, taking in the surroundings. There was a metal pod next to her, presumably what she was resting in. The area was only minimally lit, and looked like a laboratory, because of the benches and diverse machinery.
I didn’t die, but I’ve been a lab rat? This keeps getting better and better.
“Hello there,” a male voice said from above. Maya tried to move her head to see, but the man was out of view.
“Who are you?” Maya managed.
“I’m a friend, I’ve come to help. Let me fetch you a blanket.” Maya heard footsteps as he left the room and returned soon after. She felt the blanket covering her frame. The man knelt down and held her hand, giving her an opportunity to see him.
He’s good looking. Oh, why am I thinking about that? I can’t believe he found me naked and flopped onto the floor like a fish.
“Take your time, Maya, I’ll wait for you in the next room.” He rose, but Maya grabbed his hand with more force, and he stopped.
“How’d you know my name?” she asked.
“I can explain everything. You can call me ET.”
“As in the alien?” Maya said automatically. ET chuckled.
“Not quite, but I am a bit out there. See you shortly.” ET walked away and soon Maya was alone again.
I hope I can start moving with more confidence soon.
She started by exercising each of her limbs and extremities, then tried rolling onto her back. It was tricky to begin with, but the muscles responded once she actually tried them. With more effort, she pulled up into a seated position and wrapped the blanket around herself.
What has been going on? How did I get here? I can’t make the same mistakes again. I need to protect myself.
Maya sighed and tried leaning against the metal pod to stand up. Her legs quivered, but held. She almost lost her balance completely, but stabilised at the last moment. From a standing position, she had a better view of the lab. It was rather compact, and all the machinery looked like it was just to monitor her.
With care she moved through the room, towards the door. Opening it, she discovered what looked like a lunchroom. There was a plastic white table circled by chairs, and a kitchenette. One chair had some clothes spread over it.
“These should do the job, for now,” ET gestured to the clothes.
“Thanks, I’ll be back in a moment.” Maya steadied the blanket around herself with one hand and snatched the clothes with the other, withdrawing into the lab. They weren’t her clothes, but they were similar. Jeans and a shirt, and some sneakers. Dressing was awkward and tricky, but it felt marvelous to be dressed again.
How long was I asleep? Is this the same facility where I was kept before?
Maya spotted a reflective surface amongst the equipment to double check her appearance.
That’ll do.
She strolled out of the lab with a little more poise.
“Feeling better?” ET asked.
“Yes, thank you.” Maya pulled up a chair and sat down across from him. “I believe this is the part where you explain everything. Where am I?”
“New York. This is a secret research facility.”
“Right. How long was I asleep?”
“It depends. What was the date?” ET looked like he knew something more, but wasn’t saying it.
“What’s the date now?” Maya countered. ET drew in a deep breath before responding.
“July Eight, Twenty Thirty Nine.”
“Twenty Thirty Nine? As in two, zero, three, nine?” Maya said incredulously.
“Yes. I presume it’s been about twenty years?” ET said, watching her curiously.
“It can’t be.”
No way. I’ve been rip-van-winkled?
“I’m afraid that it is. A lot has happened.” ET still stared at her, a more anxious expression on his face now. Maya suddenly reached up and touched her face.
“But I look the same, I feel the same.”
“You activated your power when you died. The LifeDeath power, that is.” ET spoke simply, without embellishing. Maya took a few moments to process the information.
“Like the bloodline?”
“Yes. They’re out there, they’re a part of everyday life now. Courtesy of the BloodStorm.” ET stood up and moved to the chair next to her.
“I know your story. I’m here to help you. But we only have limited time,” ET breathed.
“How can you? I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you. Not after what I’ve just been through.”
“Maya, what the Master Sage did to you was terrible. But it’s not your fault. It was out of your control. But what happens next is entirely up to you.”
“How can you know that?” Maya kept the tears at bay, just.
“I have bloodlines too. Many do. Here, I think you need to see this.”

I hope you enjoyed this preview of the book. I’ll be updating soon with more details on the story and how its progressing.

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