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Check out a new world for free

I don’t need to comment on the state of the world right now. You’re seeing it yourself, on the news, in your news feed, from your friends, family, and co-workers. So instead, let’s focus on something else.

Stories are transformative, they make you think and grow, and they take you somewhere else. Which turns out to be a pretty great thing right now. And I’d like my stories to help more people, and to remove all barriers.

From Sunday 22nd of March to Thursday 26th of March, all of my eBooks on Amazon will be FREE (except one which will be 99c).

(Scroll down if you are interested in Audiobooks too)

If there’s anything you haven’t read but wanted to try, now’s the time. If you think friends or family will enjoy a story or two, go send them a link. Whatever the reason, please enjoy. It’s a small gesture which I hope will help people.

If you live somewhere else, please find a book you like on my page and follow the links to your local Amazon site.

What about Audiobooks?

I haven’t posted much about Audiobooks here because there’s been delays and issues getting my books up onto Audible / Amazon. However, all four books of The Hidden Wizard series are available in audio on other stores. And one of those stores is doing a sensational deal right now.

Scribd are giving away 30 days free, no strings attached. Simply sign up for an account and read / listen to whatever you want for up to 30 days, no credit card required. This is the best way to listen to my audiobooks right now for nothing. The total of all four books is around 30 hours which is quite achievable in 30 days.

Whatever format you enjoy, please go transport yourself to another world and give your mind a rest. I know of other authors doing something similar, so definitely hop onto your favourite bookstore and browse around. You may be surprised by what you find.

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