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Clearing the Decks

By October 25, 2015September 7th, 2016General Updates

I just finished writing my third novel, which is exciting and also interesting. Interesting in that I’ve done this three times now, and it seems like less of a big deal. There’s editing, and proofing and covers to work on now, but it’s not far off. But it got me thinking of what I’ve published to date.

  • 2 Novels (originally tagged as Mystery, but actually Thrillers)
  • 4 Science Fiction Short Stories
  • 1 Fantasy Short Story
  • 1 Collection of 5 Short Stories (all of the above)
  • 3 Serial Episodes for a Science Fiction Action Adventure / Mystery Series

All up it’s around 200,000 words of published fiction.

However there’s a problem. The person that reads my Novels, isn’t necessarily interested in my Science Fiction shorts or serials. The novel I just completed is similar to the other two, so is a good fit. I’m also not entirely convinced that short stories are that popular, or they seem very hard to get traction with. So ultimately my offering in terms of virtual shelf space is dominated by a lot of short fiction which is a harder sell, does not match the high quality of the new branding I’ve implemented, and is probably not what readers who are drawn in by either of my two novels are looking for (although I have seen some cross-over).

So I decided to pull the pin on those titles, and simplify things. I’ve unpublished all of my shorter works from all vendors. They won’t go back into a digital drawer never to be seen again, but I do think a bit of work needs to be done to repackage them better. The next novel I want to write is a bit different as well, it’s a Fantasy novel. I think there’s an opportunity here, to re-purpose the stories I have taken down and bring them back in conjunction with a novel. Food for thought.

More updates soon on the just-completed novel, it’s also a Thriller but I only have a working title at the moment.







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