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Edits for Spark of Truth

It was with great trepidation that I opened the email from my editor. I had been refreshing my inbox far too frequently. And now it was here, I couldn’t decide if I should read it quickly or slowly.

I really shouldn’t have been worried, since it was book 3 in a series. But there’s always that lingering question: does it work?

In this case, it worked just fine. There were the usual things, and a few helpful suggestions and comments, but nothing major. Such an incredible relief. I took care working through the edits, and making some additional changes in line with the comments. I’m very happy with the book, and hoping that again it’s my best yet. But that’s up to you to decide, not me.

I’m waiting on the final proofread before I release, so hopefully in the next week. To be the first to know please sign up to my reader community.

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