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Finally past the 50k mark

By November 16, 2016General Updates

As of this post, my current novel is up to 50,201 words. It’s book 2 of my new Fantasy series The Hidden Wizard. The words have been flowing pretty well, and I think it is going to be longer than I originally planned (closer to 80k instead of 70k). But it’s taking longer than the previous book.

There are many reasons for that, all of them related to the real-world impacting on my writing time. Instead of getting in 30-60 minutes of writing at a time, I’m getting 15 minutes. And less writing sessions too. I am hoping that I can start to squeeze in more time and finish the book by the end of the year. Then I will start the review and edit phase for the two books. The plan is that by doing them together I can get the series off to a cohesive start that flows beautifully.

Cover Art Update

The custom illustration for the cover of Pool of Knowledge (Book 1 of The Hidden Wizard) is complete and looks amazing. I found an extremely talented artist that was available and the end result is incredible. Look out for the art in a future post. Now I just need to find a good designer to complete the typography for the cover. I’m so excited by how great it looks, and that I can carry that look and feel through the whole series.

Awesome Review on Youtube

My books have had a lot of good reviews across Goodreads and the various retailers, but this is my first one on Youtube. All Chaos Press reviewed Dreamlike in their Book Review Snapshots video on November 10. Check it out here to listen to the review as well as maybe discover some other books.

That’s enough for now, will get back to the writing.


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