Finished The Hidden Wizard?

Have you finished all four books of The Hidden Wizard? If so, here’s some things to read next.

Vincent’s Backstory

I have been telling Vincent’s story in a series of short stories. You can read them for free starting with Pillars of Light. Once they are all complete I will bundle them up for sale, so why not start now?

Bonus Story set after the Series

Curious about the spell Alrion discovered at the end of Soul of Light?

I have written a short story titled The Forbidden Spell. This tale of approximately 10,000 words is set shortly after the events of Soul of Light (Book Four of The Hidden Wizard).

It contains massive spoilers and should only be read after you have completed the series.

The Forbidden Spell is available exclusively to my reader community / subscribers. To get your hands on it, please subscribe (and make sure you select Fantasy as a genre you are interested in.)

What to read next

I’m pretty sure that my next project will be of interest if you loved The Hidden Wizard. I’ll update this page with details of that project when it’s announced. In the meantime, you can subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on any updates.