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Great Success and a New Tale coming

Amazon recently emailed me something pretty special:

This means that The Hidden Wizard: The Complete Series was in the top 100 most read books in Kindle Unlimited on the store!

And there’s more. They even added a little banner to the product page:

Thank you to all my readers for contributing to this amazing success. This is a real milestone on an author’s journey, and signals ‘I made it’. The journey isn’t over, but it’s a really cool thing to celebrate on my way.

The Next Tale of the Wandering Blacksmith

The next story is ready. It is number 9 in the series and titled Nomad.

After another life or death encounter, Vincent needs to decide where his journey will take him next.

It will be published on Friday for free on the site. I hope you enjoy it. I’m getting to the business end of Vincent’s tales, it’s going to be fun to wrap all these up into another book. If you haven’t started them yet, now’s the perfect time.

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