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Hidden Wizard Series – Writing Update

With the release of Vault of Silence, I’ve been preparing for the next entry in the series – Spark of Truth. The outline is done, and writing has begun. You can see a tracker in the footer of the site.

I probably won’t be updating it daily, but it will be relatively frequent. The current plan is to have the draft to my editor by the end of August so I can release it towards the end of September. I have a plan and I’ll stick to it, so I think everything will come together. But I will admit it is definitely an optimistic plan. The fastest I have written a book is 5 months. But I know that if I can put the time in, the words will flow. I’ve got the numbers to back that up so I’m going for it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has bought, read, reviewed or just checked out The Hidden Wizard. They have been by far my most successful books so far, and I’ve really enjoyed working on them. And not only am I striving hard to make sure I complete the series in a timely fashion, but I’m making sure that each book is better than the last. Because that’s what you all deserve for coming on this journey with me.

Oh, and one other cool thing worth mentioning. I put together a series page for The Hidden Wizard. Check it out here.



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