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Hidden Wizard update

By March 2, 2017March 6th, 2017The Hidden Wizard

March is upon us, which means we are close to the release of Pool of Knowledge. Here’s a quick update to show where I’m up to.

Pool of Knowledge (Book 1 of The Hidden Wizard)

Edits are complete, just waiting on the proofread to be completed and then I can format for publishing. I’m also preparing the print layout so I can release both editions at the same time. This is on track for release in the last week of March.

Tales of the Wandering Blacksmith (Prequel Short Stories)

I have completed three short stories set approximately 25 years before the events of The Hidden Wizard. These will be released on my site in the lead up to the release of Pool of Knowledge. My intention is to make them a regular feature so there’s stories to read in-between the main books.

Vault of Silence (Book 2 of The Hidden Wizard)

The cover art and the eBook cover design are already complete. Once the launch activities for Pool of Knowledge are done, I will start the editing process on this book. For now I am planning the book to be released towards the end of May.

I think that covers it. Check back soon for the first Short Story to be published: Pillars of Light.

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