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July Update

By July 23, 2020General Updates

Things are moving again, just slowly.

As I approached the halfway point in book 2 of the new series, with edits for book 1 hanging over my head, I had a realisation: I was forcing things. I had been running on fumes for so long, that I finally slowed and stopped.

Letting myself stop for a while was a kindness. My old routines, back in the old world, gave me more time to recharge. Both my energy, and my ideas. I haven’t had the same mental space available for a long time, and the more I pushed on, the more draining it was.

But I’m getting back into it now. I’ve worked through some of the bigger edits on book 1. I need to finish the pass, and then move things around a bit, but it’s manageable. It’s been long enough that the writing is fresh and fun to read again. This review is cementing some ideas that weren’t clear enough, and will make the themes and ideas through the whole story work better. We all get a better book in the end.

Audiobooks Update

I recently finished the rather herculean task of compiling all the individual audio files into a single volume and launched the audiobook for The Hidden Wizard: The Complete Series. Publishing to Audible is severely delayed, but it is live everywhere else.

I’ve also updated my site to link to the main audiobook venues for all my currently available titles. You can find the links on each of my individual book pages, like the image below:

If you’ve never listened to audio, then give them a go. The rich and entertaining voice of Ulf will draw you into The Hidden Wizard in an entirely different way.

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