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Kindle Scout Results

By January 8, 2016September 7th, 2016General Updates

It was quite an interesting 30 days, but my Kindle Scout campaign is now over. Thank you to everyone who viewed and nominated my book – The Secret Patient.

And the result is:

I was not selected by Amazon to be published by Kindle Press. You can see the Campaign page here.

I am bit disappointed by this result, but at the same time excited. Now I can plan out a release schedule and be hands on in all the fun things involved in publishing.

Below is a summary of my experiences during the campaign.

Recap of my Kindle Scout Campaign

As mentioned in my previous post, I was interested in the Kindle Scout program as a way to gain more visibility and more readers for my writing. It was also an exercise in trying out some different marketing methods and seeing how they worked.

I tried the following things to drive traffic to my Kindle Scout campaign:

  • Word of mouth
  • Facebook posts on my Author Page
  • Sharing that post and asking friends to share it
  • Create a Facebook Ad Campaign to drive traffic to my Kindle Scout page

My strategy was to start with less direct methods (Facebook Post, sharing etc) at the start of the campaign, move on to more direct methods (Facebook Ads) and then consider other things to try later on. I was also interested to see how much traffic would come from people browsing the Kindle Scout site.

Before I started I read up on the experiences of many other authors, shared at the popular Kboards forum (the Kindle Scout thread is here). That gave me a good idea of what to expect.

What Worked Well

  • Facebook Posts and Ad: People engaged with and acted on my post, and I got a fair bit of traffic through using the Facebook Ad. This was confirmed by Facebook being the biggest source of traffic to my Kindle Scout page.
  • Organic Visibility: I ended up getting more views from within the Kindle Scout site than I did from external sources. This meant that my goal to gain more visibility and readership from entering the program was a success.
  • Holiday Period: Since my campaign straddled the Christmas and New Year period there were plenty of other distractions to avoid obsessing over the Kindle Scout stats.

What Didn’t Work Well

  • Lack of good marketing tools to target Kindle Scout: I investigated a few services on Fiverr, but they didn’t seem particularly useful. And while I sent a lot of traffic to my page through Facebook Ads, I’m not sure how good the conversion was. Any external traffic you send through needs to be educated on what the Scout Program is about.
  • Holiday Period: Due to the timing of my campaign, people were bombarded with marketing, and were busy preparing for their various family events. This would have diluted my marketing efforts.

My recommendations

If you are going to have a go yourself I would recommend the following:

  • Have a complete and professional package: Make sure your cover, pitch, bio and novel are in tip top shape and ready for publishing.
  • Use your big guns up front: To make the most of the Kindle Scout discovery tools, use your best marketing at the start of your campaign.
  • Save some marketing for later: Don’t use up all your tools and tricks in the first few days, after that first bang save a few things for later on in the campaign. You want to maximise your exposure over the entire 30 days.
  • Have fun: It’s going to be a bit of a roller coaster, but remember that it’s all about building an audience for your awesome book. Don’t get too stressed about the campaign, no matter the result it’s a win/win for you.

I hope you found the above information interesting. I’ll be posting another update soon with my plans for 2016.

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  • Lynn says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I found your book on Kindle Scout through browsing the Mystery/Thriller section (which is usually pretty full of books to view). I am sorry your book didn’t win but I’m glad that you not only learned from the experience but shared with others as well. Thank you for that.

    Have a great one!


    • Vaughan says:

      Hi Lynn thanks for reaching out and the kind words. It’s great to hear that you saw something in my book, and really does confirm the value of the Kindle Scout program in connecting authors and readers. I am hopeful for a good launch – exciting times!



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