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May 2017 Update

Hello again, I thought it had been long enough so it was worth a quick update. Especially with a new release right around the corner.

Vault of Silence (Book 2 of the Hidden Wizard) is complete and the final eBook has been uploaded to Amazon. It is better and longer than book one, which should really please all those who enjoyed Pool of Knowledge. I’m really excited to see how it is received. You can preorder a copy now, and have it delivered directly to your kindle on May 31st.

I am just working on the finishing touches for the paperback version, and it may be available a bit later than the eBook version. But it won’t take long.

My next book

I am working on the outline for Book 3 of the Hidden Wizard with a view to start it as soon as the launch activities for Vault of Silence are wrapped up. It is currently titled: Spark of Truth.

The current target date for the release is September, but that’s assuming I can write this one faster than the previous two. We shall see. But it will be a priority as it is quite important for me to complete this series before turning to other projects.

In case you missed it

I have been published some free short stories right here on the site. They follow the adventures of Vincent and are set approximately 20 years before the events of Pool of Knowledge. Start reading with Pillars of Light.

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