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Mid Year Update

By June 1, 2016September 7th, 2016General Updates

Hello everyone.

I really should update my site more frequently, but for now here’s a recap of what I have been up to.

The Secret Patient Launch

The Secret Patient launched at the end of March while I was on a holiday in Singapore. It has been my best launch yet and I have received some good feedback about the story.

If you liked the book, please leave a review or contact me directly, I’d love to hear from you. I wonder what’s next for Elizabeth Edmonds?

Revised Paperback Copies

I wanted to make my paperback copies more easily available to bookstores (especially here in Australia) so I have been working on reformatting my books and going through another print on demand provider. I bought a new template to use for the interior, which looks amazing, but also increased the page count. So I have been working with my cover designers to get the print cover resized to fit the new books. Dreamlike and The Secret Patient have been completed, I am still working on Idle Thoughts.

The initial driver for this was to make it easier to get print copies locally and also make it easier for stores to order them. However the presentation of the book is much nicer as a result of these changes so it’s a win/win.

New Fantasy Series – The Hidden Wizard

With the completion of The Secret Patient, I wanted to change gears and explore one of my favourite genres for reading – Fantasy. I have completed writing the first book in a series, currently titled Pool of Knowledge. I have engaged a new cover designer for this, and his work is absolutely amazing. Look forward to sharing the completed cover when it is available.

While the other production activities are underway (Cover, Editing, Proofreading) I have started work on the second book in the series. You can keep up to date on progress by checking out the blue bar on the footer of the site.

What’s Next?

My current focus is on my new Fantasy Series – The Hidden Wizard. I want to get the first two books out this year so it has a bit of momentum.

Other ideas kicking around:

  • Writing a few more short stories and bundling them up with my old ones in a collection
  • Combine my Rondo Ronin shorts into a longer work, either Novella or Novel length

What do you want to see next? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, I’ll provide more updates soon.

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