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New Books

By December 5, 2015September 7th, 2016General Updates

I’m excited to announce some new books!

TheSecretPatient500My latest book The Secret Patient is now complete. It has been edited, the cover has been completed and it’s ready to go. But it’s not available quite yet, as I’m trying something different.

This time I have submitted the book to Amazon’s Kindle Scout program. It is a program where you can get readers to nominate the books they want to read the most, and Amazon selects some to publish. There’s a few benefits to this:

  • An opportunity to gain new readers
  • A chance to be a part of Amazon’s promotions
  • A great way to pick up reviews, as every person who nominates my book gets a free copy if it is selected by Amazon.

I’m always looking at ways to do things differently, to see if I can expand my readership and reach new audiences.

Please check out The Secret Patient on Kindle Scout and if you like what you see nominate it.

In other news, I have also started my next book. It is an epic fantasy story titled The Pool of Knowledge. It is something a bit different that I’m excited about, and I’d like to expand it into a trilogy. But we’ll see how the first book goes.




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