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Paperbacks and the road ahead

Hey everyone, and welcome to 2018. I think it’s about time to share what I’ve been working on.

After I published the 2nd edition of Pool of Knowledge in December, I’ve been making some updates to my paperbacks. The biggest change was that since I added so many words to Pool of Knowledge, the cover had to be adjusted for the new spine width. I hadn’t done the paperback for Spark of Truth yet, so it was a good opportunity to make a few changes across all the books:

  • I reformatted the interior of each book with a new tool (Vellum). This is a much faster process than what I was doing before and is even easier to standardise for future books
  • I worked with my designer to further match some of the cover elements between the books. Now they look even better together.

And the results are really good. Here’s a photo: (Click the image for a bigger version)

Pool of Knowledge is still a shorter book than the others, but it’s a lot closer now. Can’t wait to add Soul of Light to the stack!

The Road Ahead

My next focus is book 4 of The Hidden Wizard, Soul of Light. This is the final chapter in Alrion’s quest, and the end of the series. I completed an initial outline last year, and I’m now working through in more detail and making sure I have everything covered off. I’ve already thought of a great sub-plot to support a big reveal in the book, so I’m glad I’ve had the time to let the ideas flourish.

I purposefully put 2018 as the target release for the book, because I wasn’t sure how quickly I could move onto it, and I didn’t want to rush this one too much. It’s the end to my first series, I have to make sure it is done right. But at the same time I’m definitely not aiming for an end of year release, so don’t worry.

I’ve also had some great ideas of how to progress with Vincent’s back story, which I started fleshing out in the free short stories last year. More to come soon on that one.

That’s it for now, thank you again for supporting my writing and I’ll have another update soon.


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