A wizard without his power. An infected weapon master. A race against time to find a cure.

Alrion has been infected by the Blight. His power is inaccessible and he needs a way to defend himself. He’s desperate to find a cure before he turns.

His hopes are pinned on a group of magic users known as Mystics. These women wield an unknown power that could be the missing link to curing the Blight. And saving himself.

Wraith has expanded his power and influence. Nowhere is safe, not even Alrion’s mind. It is only a matter of time until he falls to either Wraith or the infection growing within. If Alrion fails to find a cure, he will be transformed into his worst nightmare, and the world will be doomed to a future of darkness.

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  • K Narayana Vamsee says:

    Hello Mr.Smith,

    Greetings from India…”Namaskaram”
    I had a very good time reading the first two parts, waiting for this epic story to continue.
    If i could, i would really like to meet you in person.
    I really appreciate, the kind of work you are doing.I understand the challenges you face while writing,work a job and maintain a family.
    I Wish you the best for your future writings.

    • Vaughan says:

      Thank you for the kind words! Juggling the writing with everything else can be a struggle at times, but isn’t that what makes it worthwhile? And with any luck, one day I can do this full-time.

      I really appreciate that you took the time to write. I love hearing from readers, it’s just so gratifying to know that people are reading and enjoying the books.

      Don’t worry – book 3 is so close to being completed, I can’t wait to get it out there and share it with everyone.

    • Ruth Ann Olson says:

      I just finished reading your 2nd book in the series Vault of Silence (The hidden Wizard Book 2) and really enjoyed it! I eagerly await the release of the next book in this series and would love to read other like books that you write.
      Bravo for you! You have written a winner! Wouldn’t it be fun if these books could be made into a movie?
      Best of Luck to you!
      Ruth Ann
      P.S. the email below IS correct!

      • Vaughan says:

        That is lovely feedback, thank you Ruth Ann. I’d love to see these books be movies too, it would be amazing.

        I will keep trying to make each book better than the last, and you never know one day I may crack Hollywood as well.
        I hope you enjoy Spark of Truth, it should be out soon.


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