Now that you have an eBook, how do you get it to your device to read it? Please follow the steps below depending on what device you are reading on.


The easiest way to send books to your Kindle, is by using Amazon’s Send to Kindle apps:

Send to Kindle for PC
Send to Kindle for Mac
How to use Send to Kindle


If you are using an iPhone or iPad it’s very easy:

  1. Open the email I sent you on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Open the iBooks link
  3. When prompted, choose to open the eBook in iBooks
  4. Enjoy!

Android and Google Play

  1. Open the email I sent you on your Android device
  2. Open the ePub link and download the file
  3. Touch the file and hold for 3 seconds
  4. Select Upload to Google Play
  5. Your book is now ready to read like any other


If you’re a Nook user, the file is compatible but must be transferred from your PC by using a USB cable. Instructions can be found at the link below:

How to Sideload Documents to a Nook