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By August 31, 2015September 7th, 2016General Updates

I’ve been going through a process recently, of trying to improve my branding and presentation on my books. The focus has been primarily on blurbs and covers.

I had a good look at my covers are determined the following:

  • They weren’t good at demonstrating genre
  • The Titles were not as readable as I would like
  • Their overall design was just not that impactful

From an artistic perspective I liked them, but they weren’t pulling their weight as book covers – and that’s really important.

So I’ve done the following:

  • Applied a stronger branding to all my short stories
  • Commissioned a Custom Cover from a top designer for Idle Thoughts
  • Planned my future branding and decided that all future Novels will use Custom Covers

I just approved the front cover for Idle Thoughts, and I’m really excited. Can’t wait to share it with everyone. I’ll post a comparison on the site before it goes live.

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