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Another month has come and gone, without a lot of fanfare. But things are definitely rolling along. Here’s a few updates:

Next Hidden Wizard Book: Soul of Light

Progress has been good and steady and I’m just at around 20% of my target word count now. It’s been a great experience so far. I’ve got the right mix of hitting the key parts of my outline and discovering things on the way through. And that’s what you really want.

I am just about to write up the design brief for the cover artwork. I’ll share the sweet art when it is ready.

Vincent’s backstory: Tales of the Wandering Blacksmith

Now that I’m writing the last book in the series, I’ve had another look at these shorts and I think I will have a crack at finishing the stories I had planned. There’s been a few requests for more of these, and now I want to get them out. I can’t think of a better time!

Testing New Processes

I’m always looking for new ways to increase my word count so that I can write books faster. One avenue that I’ve never explored before is dictation. I’ve done a few tests and it seems promising, so I’m going to start using it and see how I go. I won’t use it for the current book, but if my mini experiments go well I may trial in on my next book.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon with another update. And maybe even another short story.



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  • Bryce says:

    Any idea when the book will be out I am looking forward to reading it.

    • Vaughan says:

      Hey Bryce, thanks for following the series and I’m so glad you are enjoying it. For the last book I’m targeting September / October. I need to give it proper attention but I also don’t want people to have to wait too long. I’ll firm up those dates as I get a bit closer to release.

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