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September Update

By September 7, 2016General Updates

It’s high time I posted again to share the latest happenings and where my writing is up to.

The Hidden Wizard – Book 2

As you may remember, I finished writing Book 1 of The Hidden Wizard series back at the end of May. I had hoped to write this one faster, but some major life events plus a slew of curve balls really reduced my writing time these last few months. The good news is that I am 32,000 words into the book and it is going well. Hopefully I can increase the pace again and get it finished sooner.

Because this is my first series I want to have the first two books (maybe even three) ready before publishing. This allows me to make sure they flow well together, maintain sales momentum with a smaller gap between releases and buys me enough time to write third book in a timely fashion. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Cover Artwork

Since this is a Fantasy series I am working on, I am really excited to have the opportunity to get custom illustrations done for the covers. The original artist I had lined up fell through, so I have shortlisted a list of artists that I want to contact. I’ll provide more updates as I get through the process.

Newsletter and Website Changes

I am aware that my next few books will be in a different genre, and not necessarily what my current readers normally read. So I have made some tweaks to my signup page and mailing list so that readers can select which genres they wish to hear about. I’ll send an email explaining how to adjust your preferences, but for now I set all my current readers to only Mystery and Thriller.

I have also simplified my book links with the awesome books2read universal link. Now there’s only one link to access each book at all the major stores, and you can save your preferences for future use.

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