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Soul of Light hits the 50k mark

I reached an important milestone on the book yesterday: over 50,000 words written. Based on my initial estimate this makes it the halfway point, although I suspect the book may end up with an extra 5-10,000 words. But it’s reassuring to know that I’ve already written enough to comprise a book, I just need to finish off the story.

Looking at my writing stats I’ve been averaging around 10,000 words a month. It’s been an extremely busy time, and difficult to get the writing hours in. I’m actually happy I’ve managed that much. If I hadn’t taken my laptop on a recent holiday, I would be about 13,000 words behind where I am now!

Looking at the stats it could mean another 5 months to complete the book. However, since I have committed to a 2018 release, I’ll push to have it done sooner so I can fulfil that promise.

I best get back to writing the draft, although I will post again soon with the cover of the final book. It looks pretty spectacular (which is no surprise given the amazing artwork).

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