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The Hidden Wizard is a Bestseller

I’m incredibly excited to report that the 4 book collection of my fantasy series, The Hidden Wizard, is a bestselling book on Amazon. It is currently ranked #676 in the entire US kindle story, and is also #1 both in its category and also across a number of other Amazon storefronts.

The series started off with a bang when I first released it, but lost some of the initial momentum as I took time to write the subsequent books. With this release of the entire series in one volume, new readers have been introduced to the story and can read all the way through. And they’ve been relishing the opportunity.

Thank you all for your support and for making my series a success. Since it’s been a little while without an update, here’s what I’m working on now.

Writing Updates

Apart from the work required to release the eBook of The Hidden Wizard collection, I’m also investigating a hardcover edition of the entire series in a single weighty tome. More news on that to come, as I explore it further.

I’ve also restarted my work on the short stories filling in Vincent’s backstory. I’m halfway through the 5th story (of a planned 12). I’ll be releasing most of these for free on my blog as they are done, and at the end will collect them all together into a single volume to buy in eBook and possibly paperback. Check back soon for another update.

Outlining work is still underway on my next series, but I want to wrap up a few loose ends on The Hidden Wizard before I divert my full attention to the new project.

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