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The Next Series

By May 22, 2020General Updates

It’s been a while coming, but it’s time to start talking about it. Once I finished The Hidden Wizard series, I had two other concepts I really wanted to explore.

One was another Epic Fantasy story, one was more of an Urban Fantasy story. I mulled over the different ideas, and asked a few people for their feedback. Even though people liked both ideas, there was always a front runner. The Urban Fantasy concept.

I still haven’t finalised the series name or the individual book titles. But I’ve assigned the series the codename of Bloodlines. This is how I’ll refer to it until the official titles come along.

So what is Bloodlines? I don’t want to give away too much just yet, but here’s the initial tag line that I am working with:

The power of myth and monsters…

…is in her blood.

The series is set in the real world, present day and near future, and won’t be featuring a virus of any kind at all. Things are going to be a bit more fun than that. As I get closer to launching the series I’ll start posting more about the world and elements of it that are really cool. For now I’ll settle for a bit of an update on progress.

The first book is done, and I’ve got the initial edits back. There’s a bit of story work to do to tighten things up, but it works. That’s always a relief to hear. I’m well into the second book, but the present situation has slowed things down considerably. It looks like the perfect situation for writing, on paper, but having a full house and young kids always around doesn’t lend itself to getting a lot of writing time.

The plan is to get the first three books done before I release the first, so that I can get some momentum going and release the first few books close together. That will hopefully cement the series and mean that future books won’t take as long either. But plans do tend to change, so I’ll keep everyone updated as I go. And I’ll start update my book tracking stats on here too so you can get an idea of progress. Book two is 40% done, so I am keen to get the series moving.

That’s about it for now. More updates coming soon!

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