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Writing at night

When I first started writing, I only did it late at night. It was quiet, everybody was asleep and I was alone with my thoughts. It felt more private that way. But not incredibly practical. So as I was writing more I found ways to incorporate writing into the rest of my day.

Rarely was it at a special defined time set aside for writing. Usually it was making use of some other time. A commute to work, or a lunch break etc. And so I slowly chipped away at my books. But since I didn’t reserve writing time that often progress as slow. I didn’t have a good writing habit so there would be breaks, then great spurts of activity. I avoided writing at nights because I thought it would be difficult and the words wouldn’t be as good. I’ve been using that time, when I have it, to manage all the other activities required for writing and publishing.

Fast forward to now: I’m halfway through a Fantasy series that I have a schedule for, and lots of awesome readers out there waiting on the next book. But I also have a full-time job and a young family. Squeezing some writing in ad hoc is not really good enough if I want to keep my momentum up, and hit or get close to my daily targets. So I’ve started writing at night again.

It’s been difficult. I can’t really get to it until the very end of the day, and by then I’m tired. It’s so easy to put it off. And sometimes the words are a struggle. But a 15 or 20 minute writing sprint can be enough to just get the book back in gear, and the words really do add up. The most important thing right now is making sure that next book comes out. Everything else I’d like to do writing wise is secondary to that.

So there we are, a little insight into how things are going. I’m really happy with how Spark of Truth is coming along and there’s plenty of enthusiasm and momentum in the writing. I’m going to keep chipping away and before we know it there’ll be another book finished.


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