Writing update and The Forbidden Spell

The Hidden Wizard is finished. Mostly.

With the conclusion of Book 4, Alrion’s story has been wrapped up. But there are a few other loose ends that I need to close out.

First, I promised a bonus story set after the events of Book 4, titled The Forbidden Spell. Designed to be a shorter tale, it is now completed and around 10,000 words in length. I expect to release it soon. However, this story will only be made available to readers who have subscribed to my reader community (and marked Fantasy as a preferred genre). If you haven’t already done so, head on over now.

The other loose end, is a series of prequel stories that follow Vincent’s travels, currently titled Tales of the Wandering Blacksmith. I have written four stories so far and made them available for free on my site (start here with Pillars of Light). To finish off this storyline, I have outlined another 8 shorts that will bring that arc to a close, highlighting key events in Vincent’s backstory. All of them will be released for free here on my site. Only at the end will I bundle them up and make them available for sale.

The Next Big Thing

Now I’m sure you will love those stories, but they’re not the main event. I am currently outlining and planning my next series. It’s too soon to reveal the details just yet, but I will drop one little nugget: it’s a more modern take on Fantasy.

I’ll be back soon with more details on the release of The Forbidden Spell and the other stories in Tales of the Wandering Blacksmith.

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