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Writing Update – Spark of Truth

Writing has been progressing pretty well overall, and I’m really happy with how the story is taking shape. But I am mere days away from my target for having the first draft completed. Looking at where I am up to, and how much I need to write before then, I think I’ll slip a bit. Hopefully just a few days, but I will miss the target.


Two reasons really:

  1. One of the worst cold/flu seasons in 15 years. Here in Sydney, myself and my young family have been ravaged by a non-stop series of viruses. My writing habit has been good enough to account for the usual hiccups in my schedule. But throw in sick kids, sleeplessness and then coming down with things yourself as well, and it adds up.
  2. The book looks to be a bit longer than the target word count. If the rest of the chapters come in at my average, or just below my average the book will be at least 5,000 words longer. That’s a good thing, as there’s more meat to the story. But that’s extra words to squeeze into dwindling days.

Is this the end of the world? No, it really isn’t. I’ll see if I can fail to success and still get the words done by the end of the month. That  should give just enough time to squeeze publication into September as hoped, and will make this my fastest ever written book. Not bad at all.

Now, I really should get some words done tonight. This book isn’t writing itself đŸ™‚

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